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5 Steps that Beat My Depression

How an ordinary guy used an inward journey and emotional healing to beat depression



5 Steps that Beat My

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5 Steps that Beat My Depression

Approximately 350 million people worldwide are suffering from depression. That’s the equivalent of the population of the USA, or 15 times that of Australia. 

In Australia, men aged 35 to 44 have the highest rates of depression, with one in 12 having experienced depression in just the past 12 months. 

These are staggering statistics and what’s more frightening is that for most men who are diagnosed with depression, the typical response is to turn to anti-depressants and other drugs.

I’d like to share with you the story of my battle with depression and how I beat it, without drugs. This is the advice I wish I could have given myself 5 years ago. And I really hope it will help you too. Even if your individual circumstances are vastly different, I’m confident the method and tools that I used to beat depression can be beneficial to anyone. 



I'll walk you through 5 steps that completely freed me from depression in 6 months

In This Book You'll Learn:

  • The 5 key steps that helped me to beat depression without medication

  • Practical tools and advice on how to follow these key steps and try them out for yourself

  • How depression can actually be a blessing in disguise (even though it might not seem like it right now)

  • Simple hacks to help keep you on track when healing starts to take place

  • Some powerful insights based on my own experience of battling depression


About Peter

Peter Balcarek has spent the last 10 years working within the banking and financial services industry. He has always lead a very active lifestyle, training in weightlifting, kickboxing, dragon-boat racing and CrossFit. After a series of not-so-positive life experiences, Peter fell into a dark hole where he emotionally disintegrated and ultimately developed severe depression. This triggered a huge transformation in every area of his life. Peter studied The Journey Method, Dogma Detox Method, NLP and is currently studying Diploma of Counselling. Peter is now passionate about helping other men to become more emotionally in-tune and comfortable in their own skin, without feeling the need to wear the traditional macho male mask.

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Raw. Constructive. Humble. Real. Results delivering – guaranteed! I believe loads of mostly active men – young and mature– will resonate with his message and the profound guidance he shares in a simple truthful way will serve as an invitation for action.
— Michal Andrejco, entrepreneur, founder of the first holistic clinic in central europe
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Finally someone writing utterly useful content in regards to depression. Straight from the heart, shared from direct experience, challenging the dogmatic labelling of this often mis-diagnosed emotional state. Peter shows a way out and how it’s possible for every man. The only thing needed: to get real and decide that you have had enough of your suffering and bullshit masks.
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I am pleasantly surprised with this valuable material that Peter has written from his personal experience. A fresh and fascinating writing, that makes reference to socio-cultural factors that prevent depressed people to seek for help; which suggests that the prevalence of this disorder is much greater than the global statistics that we know.

Peter is an example to follow for all those people who think that it is impossible to leave the infinite hole of depression. Five steps to rediscover the meaning of life, and to be grateful for the opportunity of being alive. Peter, your inner strength is unlimited and extraordinary
— María de Lourdes Machado, Clinical Psychologist, Venezuela